Date(s) - Tuesday, June 16, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Salem Public Library

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 1 pm, our tech trainer Kathy will post a video discuss a new tech topic. So join us to learn something new! Here is a link to our Facebook page.

Upcoming Schedule:

June 23: Google slides – Learn how to create a presentation with themes, slide options and speaker notes.  Learn tips and tricks how to create an exceptional presentation

June 25: Google photos – Learn about how to  organize, create videos, photobooks, collages, animations and movies within google photos. 

June 30: Google calendar – What is google calendar and how does it work?  Learn how to add an event, share and event for the week or month

July 2 –  Google tools for everyday use and fun easter egg hunts – Learn helpful searches for everyday use; google flights, conversions, stop watch, tip calculator, built in games, tools and easter egg hunts
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July 7 – Using facebook messenger rooms – learn how to create, use and share the new facebook messenger rooms to video chat

July 9 – Free resources and websites to learn digital skills – . You will be given an explanation of how each free online learning website works and quick instructions on how to use each of them, so you’ll know which site is right for you before you even click!

July 14 Looking for more information about your family heritage?  Learn alternative resources that compare to ancestry

July 16 – Adobe Spark – What can you create with Adobe Spark? Create impactful social graphics, web pages, and short videos in minutes 

July 21 – Virtual destinations – unable to take a vacation this year?  Join me for some gorgeous destinations for your virtual vacation!

July 23 – Best health and wellness apps – Learn about apps that can improve your health, wellness and fitness
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July 28 – Social media privacy – Take control of your social media profiles, learn how facebook, twitter and instagram uses your profiles and information.  Learn important settings and features that help you control your social media profiles and online identity. 

July 30 – Listen to music for free! – Personalize playlists, listen on apps or on your computer, free and paid options, use an app to identify any song you hear playing. Pandora, iHeart radio, spotify and shazam
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