HiseThe Hise Journals
The Life of Daniel Howell Hise 1846-1878 and Addendum Diary by Edwin Hise 1879-1883.
Hise Family Photos

Sister The Salem, Ohio 1850 Women's Rights Convention Compiled and edited by Robert W. Audretsch. Pictured Betsy Mix Cowles, President of the Salem Convention.

Anti-Slavery Bugle
Newspaper Published: New-Lisbon, Ohio : Ohio American Antislavery Society, 1845-1861.

Not published June 27-July 18, 1845.
Published in: New Lisbon, Ohio, June 20, 1845-Aug. 29, 1845, and: Salem, Ohio, Sept. 5, 1845-May 4, 1861.
Publisher: Executive Committee of the Western Anti-slavery Society, 1848-1861.
Printers: John Frost, 1845; J.H. Painter, 1845-1846; G.N. Hapgood, 1846-1848.
Editors: Benjamin S. Jones, J. Elizabeth Hitchcock, 1845-1846; Benjamin S. Jones, J. Elizabeth Jones, 1846-1849; Oliver Johnson 1849-1851; Marius R. Robinson, 1851-1859; Benjamin S. Jones, 1859-1861.

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SisterStrotter Brown
In honor of Strotter Brown a former slave who settled in Salem, Ohio after the Civil War. He made baskets as a livelihood and some of his work is on display at the Salem Historical Society. He personified the American dream: strength of character, a strong work ethic and pride in self, community and country.

Born 1813 Died 1913
Buried in Hope Cemetery Salem, Ohio
Marker Dedication November 2007

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