How to Renew Books/Materials Online

  • Click "Your Account" link to the Salem Public Library Catalog.
  • Enter your library barcode number and your pin.
  • Click "Log In."
  • Click on "Items Out."
  • Check selected items to renew.
  • Click "Renew Selected Items."
  • if you are renewing all just click "Renew All Items."
  • A message informs you which items have been renewed, and whether any renewals have been blocked.
  • Click "Log Out" to exit your account.

How to Create Title List

  • Click "Your Account" link to the Catalog.
  • Enter your library barcode number and your pin.
  • Click "Log In."
  • Click on "Create New Saved List" in the left column.
  • Enter list name and click "Create List" button.
  • Click "Search" tab and execute desired item search.
  • Click “Add to My List” at far right for any item you wish to add to your working list.
  • Back to the left column click “Show List Detail” for working list and go to far right to move/copy to you new list or delete item from working list.
  • You can print, email or delete your new list from your patron account.

How to Request Items Online

  • Click the above "Materials" link to the Catalog.
  • Type in your search criteria and click "Go."
  • Find the title you want.
  • Click "Place Request." The log-in form appears.
  • Enter your library barcode number and your pin.
  • Click "Log In."
  • The request form appears.
  • If you want to activate your request at a future time, type the date in the Activation Date box in the format mm/dd/year or leave today's date.
  • Click "Submit Request."
  • If other requests are active for the same title, the system displays a message that tells you how many requests have already been placed. You can choose to continue or cancel the request.
  • If you click "Continue" a message informs you that your request has been placed. Click "Close" and return to the search results. If you click "Cancel" then the request is canceled and you are returned to the search results.
Note: Your request may not be successful if your patron account is blocked or if the requested material does not circulate. A message is displayed if your request cannot be placed.
  • Click "Log Out" to exit your account.

Saved Searches

Be among the first to know that a new item has been added to the Library's collection. Search for an item, and then allow us to continue to look for new items. Save your search and we will email you when a new item has been added.
Follow these 3 easy steps:
  • Log on to "Your Account."
  • Run a search
  • Click Create a new saved list...
  • Follow prompts to complete list and contact information and select "Save Search."
Monthly or weekly a search run using your criteria.
You will be emailed the results!

Vacation Holds

Don't want to miss items that you have reserved because you are on vacation when they come in? If you log on to your patron account information, you can change the activation date of your hold requests until you get back in town.
  • Log on to "Your Account."
  • Enter your account information.
  • Go to the the "Requests" tab.
  • Click the "Suspend/Reactivate All Requests" link.
  • Enter your return date in the "New Activation Date" box
  • Click "Submit."
Your holds will be suspended until you are home.